Why Women Activism in Myanmar Matters

WAM’s debut online webinar event, ‘Why Women Activism in Myanmar Matters (WWAMM)’ celebrates and recognises the incredible resilience of Myanmar women and their tireless work towards democracy and peacebuilding.

Joined by vibrant and courageous guest speakers:
– H.E. Daw Ei Thinzar Maung, Deputy Minister of Women, Youths and Children Affairs of National Unity Government of Myanmar,
– Lucy Lal Neih Mawi of Chin community in Australia,
– Nant Moet Moet, Joint General Secretary (1) of the Women League of Burma, and
– Lee Rhiannon, a long term Myanmar democracy movement advocate.

We will hear how women are uniquely impacted by the conflict in Myanmar, and the vital role women play in everyday activism and peacebuilding.

Together, WWAMM webinar will explore topics such as:
(1) Women, Peace and Peacebuilding – How do you understand peacebuilding? How can you contribute to it?
(2) Women Activism – Why women activism in Myanmar matters?
(3) Sustaining women’s movement – How do we sustain women’s movement?

Register at:


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